by Nevs Coleman

Best Panel 2008

Best Panel 2008

I fucking hate Uatu The Watcher!
Uatu The Watcher is one of a race of, well, Watchers who hang out in space bearing witness to things. Watchers are giant headed bald blokes who wear skirts.

Our local one, Uatu lives on the Moon.
One of the rules of being a Watcher is that you’re only allowed to watch, and expressly not interfere.

With anything.
And yet…

Uatu keeps fucking interefering with things. A few years back, the planet eating bloke, Galactus showed up on Earth with the express desire of eating the planet. Everyone runs about panicking. It’s clearly the end of the world. Even Reed Richards, self professed smartest bloke on Earth is shitting it.

Then Uatu takes Reed aside to his home on the moon and gives him an Ultimate Nullifier, which sorts it all out.

Let’s follow this again, keeping Uatu’s brief in mind.
A thing happens, he watches. Then, he interferes.

And that wouldn’t be the last time, either. Every time something went wrong in the Marvel Universe, he’d be there looking like a giant Alex Ross in drag with some bit of machinery he happened to have knocking about. Where did he get all this stuff, anyway? Isn’t he meant to be just watching stuff all the time? When does he go Space Gadget shopping? I know Woolworth’s do home delivery now, but when I rang them, they didn’t even have a regular Nullifier, let alone an Ultimate one.

Even the other Watchers hate Uatu, and when your peer group is a bunch of space peeping toms in skirts, and they hate you, then you’re in trouble. Every once in a while they threaten him with blindness or something, but never follow through with it. They should have taken away his skirt and made him rename himself ‘Uatu, The Interfering Twat Who Can’t Leave Things Alone!’

Best Panel of 2008: The Rulk smacking The Watcher In The Face!

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