by Nevs Coleman

Pumping Your Audience For Pennies: the Marvel Way

How to Break into Comics:The Marvel Way shipped the week of Mar 12 2010. i was curious about this, just in the first place that Marvel would charge people for the information that would tell you how to get a job with them. In the same way that Burger King or Starbucks or the BBC would charge you for an application form, right?  Mind you, this is the same company that doesn’t send comp copies to their artists and writers of the comics they work on.

Honestly. people who draw and write Marvel comics have to pay for copies of the work they create if they want them the week the ship. Otherwise they need to wait for the return copies from Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart  Imagine that, If Sylvester Stallone had to walk into Blockbuster in a few weeks to buy a copy of The Expendables on DVD?  How cheap would Lionsgate seem?

But nonetheless, Marvel are the Holy Grail of comic jobs, people will work for them for free. So, okay, they’re exploiting a market. They’re going to explain how you, too, can maybe draw the adventures of Spidey and the Hulk for only $7:98 American. In case you’re worried that I’m bringing my own preconceptions to the dance, this is how Marvel offered  How to Break into Comics:The Marvel Way to comic retailers, Oh, like nearly all of Marvel’s output, it’s non-returnable:

'Because Marvel Comics Presents 2010 wouldn't sell...'

Want to know what it takes to break into Marvel Comics like these guys? Then look no further than this two-part book which is a must-have for anyone wanting to be a Comic Book Breakout Star! After traveling the globe and meeting scores of talented illustrators, intrepid writer, editor and talent manager C.B. Cebulski is giving twelve rising star artists the opportunity to do their breakout work at Marvel Comics! But not only will BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAY showcase the work of these up-and-comers, C.B. will also provide an insider’s commentary on how these artists got their work seen and what it was that landed them the gig. And with step-by-step submission information and a sample Marvel Comics script, these books are MUST HAVES for anyone interested in doing their breakout work and breaking into the comics industry! Rated T …$3.99

Step by step submission information?


A sample Marvel Comics script?

404 File Not found?
These books are MUST HAVES for anyone interested in doing their breakout work and breaking into the comics industry!


So I’m looking through issue 1:

Page 1: Cover
P2:  Ad
P3:  Intro
P4-11  Spidey Story.
Page 12-19 X-Men Story
P20-27: Iron Man Story
P28-35 Bullseye story
P36-43: Runaways story
P44-50: Spider-Woman/Iron Fist story
P51: Letter from Joe Quesada.
P52: Ad
P53: Chat with some people who work at Marvel about their dream projects and the like.
P54: Ad for next issue.
P55  Ono Ads.

Issue 2: More of the same. And some tweets from a Marvel editor.

So what’s missing, guys? Oh, I don’t know. How about the email address of an actual submissions editor? Or whether Marvel prefer digital submissions or hard copy artwork? Or the sample script promised? Some kind of analysis of the work in the comic that lead to them being hired? What Marvel look for in their artists/writers submissions?  Do they prefer pin-ups? Pages of storytelling? Pencil work or fully inked? Full Script or Marvel style stories? Do I contact you once I’ve sent you my submissions? When? Or do I  wait for you to contact me? Should I send a covering letter?

These and other questions weren’t be answered in How To Break into Comics:The Marvel Way Issues 1 nor 2. In which case Issue 1 should just be called ‘Some comics by people who work at Marvel now with no actual information on how to get a job at Marvel Comics.’.

2 responses

  1. And thus it is that I reflect on my gladness that I never got into the biz.

    This will dissipate as it always does and I shall wish I had made the effort many years ago and was now a lauded and respected comic writer/artist/creator/owner etc.

    But for tonight..?

    March 12, 2010 at 00:47

  2. Andrew

    I want my copy signed by Steve Ditko.

    March 12, 2010 at 01:32

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