by Nevs Coleman

Hilarity of Abuse!

My favourite story in the world is A Christmas Carol, The way I understand it, The system is taken to task for being horrific and inhumane to the people who have to serve inside it, and it’s chief perpetuator is shown that the line to happiness involves simply being a decent human being to those around him.
I’m willing to concede, I might be getting old.

It strikes me that getting older means you become aware of other people, their feelings and such. When I was younger, I was balls-out ‘Yeah, let’s say anything to offend the straights! Everything is fair game!’ Now as I start to see the effect that this could have on people, I’m not quite so sure about it.

Before we get to any further, this is not in any way, a call for censorship or such. If anything, it’s the idea that we can say whatever we feel, and we ought to be a bit more thoughtful about it.

If you know me, you probably know I’m obsessed with punk and such. The screaming at the wall against what is ultimately a futile system. It re-imagines itself and has done with each ‘horrifying subculture’ that pops up in the daily mail. The things that the adults don’t understand are probably turning YOUR kids into porn creating meow meow addicts right now. It was comics. It was Pete and Dud, It was The Sex Pistols, It was computer games. It was Marilyn Manson, It was Jackass. Blahs.

I might have this wrong, but part of it, I thought, was that you said something outrageous or dressed in something offensive to get everyone’s attention. THEN you did something with it. Suggested there was a reason you were doing this, you were trying to illuminate.

You shout ‘God Save The Queen, She ain’t no human being!’

And you say WHY. Why you might have a problem with the concept of monarchy, why you’re bored with the U.S.A.  and this is why I think  I might be getting old:

It strikes me that maybe there’s a backlash to being humane. that we’re at a point where ‘Gay’ is a synom for ‘Shit!’ Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but it strikes me as a form of dehumanisation, maybe you’re smarter than everyone else, but if that’s true, that people wouldn’t necessarily believe something when they hear it over and over again, well, then advertising wouldn’t work, would it? The rise of people shoehorning the word ‘pedophile’ into a punch-line doesn’t even seem offensive. It’s like if variations on the word ‘horse’ were going to offend people, you’d get a million wanna-be Charlie Brooker/Chris Morris post-ironic (half)wits shouting ‘mule’ at old people.

I need to ask, what are you achieving? Are you making anyone aware of anything? Is the world better for you doing that? Or are you just the kid who wants to show off how naughty you are?

My special bit of bile, just before I leave you to it, is people who don’t seem to understand what the word ‘rape’ means.

Rape is the sexual violation of another human being.

It is NOT a suitable term for expressing your displeasure for a bit of entertainment. The amount of spoiled kids who run around message boards typing in block capitals ‘GEORGE LUCAS RAPED MY CHILDHOOD!!!1111!!!’ or ‘The use of Howard The Duck in this comic is a rape of his history!’ or some shit. It’s just entertainment. It’s not as important as the sexual abuse of a human being. Try talking to someone who’s been raped and ask them if they’ve contemplated suicide or if they can have sex without breaking down and how long it took them to get over it, or if their genitalia even works in the same way.

Then tell me you can use the word to describe your dissatifation with your pop-culture. So i can tell you to fuck off, and that I sincerely hope it happens to you.  See how funny you  are then.


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