by Nevs Coleman

Filthy Blues (Get In The Ring)! (Or, if you want something done, etc, etc.)

Like these guys say, ‘Don’t talk about it, do it.’

As I said to a few people this week, I’m working on a comic, some of it based on my lyrics for the Filthy Orphans, a kick-ass rock band who’s lumbered with an unreliable loon with wild mood swings for a singer. The super-talented Emma Price took some amazingly beautiful pictures of our gig at Touch Me I’m Sick a few months back.  The comic’s called ‘Filthy Blues’ and it’s written and drawn by me. It’s pretty much done now, so I’m happy to talk about it. ‘Filthy Blues’ is based on the artwork and poetry of Josh Koppel for the album Renegades by Rage Against The Machine. I’m not the world’s greatest artist, but I’m hoping maybe what’s in there will make sense to someone.

Filthy Blues 1 +2 will debut at TCAF in Toronto, Canada. and then, if people like it, I might do a 2nd print run.

Oh, and I’m going to pass out a CD with each issue, both containing songs from our gig at the Hope & Anchor.

Thanks for reading, See you up the front for the Stooges this week.

This week’s shout out is going towards the amazing Emma Price. Go be stunned at her! Now. She took THESE pictures.


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