by Nevs Coleman

Filthy Blues.

Honestly, it was a genuine inquiry…

Nevs Coleman Open question: What’s the difference between Small Press, Alternative Comics, Zines and Underground Comics?

After a few reasoned arguments, an old mucker of mine chimed in with:

Kieran Dev

small press: for girls, normally involving cardboard covers.
alt comics: emo boy gets a trust fund and wanks his angst into an inkwell expecting people to pay to read it.
ZineS: People too unsociable to be journo’s and to tight to pay for blogging

underground; at best crusty burnouts expressing schizomedia tendencies, at worst vitriolic nutnuts who smash the state by taking drugs and using string for a belt.

12 hours ago

Just so you all know, HE said it. Not me. You did not see me laugh. At all.

Especially when, of ALL people,  one of my art heroes follows up with:

Brendan Mccarthy

Excellent analysis Kieran!
4 hours ago ·
Yes. that one.
Anyways…..Watch this:

(Cheers to Sarah Gordon for filming me, and Julia Scheele for turning a bunch of doodles and scribbles into, well, a comic.)

And of course, now I’m looking at issue 3.

As I said in the film, I’ll be putting out Filthy Blues 1+2 for a dollar or a copy free when you buy anything at TCAF from Julia Scheele’s table.  If there are copies left when I get back to the UK, it’ll be a quid. But in amongst the rummaging through bits of paper, I found the notes for the original Filthy Orphans Comix, which I’m going to turn into issue 3 of Filthy Blues. If you’re tagged in the Facebook note for this, it’s because I’d quite like you to turn in a page if you can or I just want you to look at what I do. There are already a couple of people past the post in terms of contributing words and photographs but I’d really like to showcase other people’s art in the comic. I’ll be flogging it each place I perform, so if you’re in it, your work will be seen outside the usual places. I might buy you a pint or two.

Sadly, the last few days of insanity and the like meant that the free CD idea had to be on hold. it’ll be with issue 3, I hope.

Here’s what Issue 2 looks like again:

Here’s a little sneak peek for those of you not in Canada this weekend:

Oh, here’s a couple of pictures that the super talented Emma Price took of us when we played Touch Me I’m Sick, (Kevin Reinhardt‘s gig at the Old Crown, Central London) earlier this year…:

Just before I sign off and do some last minute panic packing, let me just say a quick ‘thank you’:
As some of you know, this project was born partly out of paranoia and also to a degree, spite. Nonetheless, when I told people I was doing this, pretty much all of you said ‘That’s great!’ and meant it. I don’t quite know what I did to get that kind of support, but seriously, thanks. Now that my funnybook is real, come forth and rip me a new one. It’s all opinion. There aren’t any rules anymore, but then I guess that there never were.

Stay Filthy.


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