by Nevs Coleman

Filthy Blues SELLS OUT! 2nd printing in…The future?

Went for a pint a while back with one of the all-time-greats in comics, who imparted upon me these precious words of wisdom: ‘Remember, it’s not IF they’ll screw you, it’s WHEN.’ Well, you know what, you don’t need ‘they’. Not for anything. Pens. Pencils, paper. Photocopier. That’s ALL you need. The rest is padding.

It’s about a week since picking up the photocopied pages of Filthy Blues 1+2 from the shop. One night of folding and stapling, singing into camera, going to Canada and now the print run is GONE! I’m looking at my copies of the comic and they’re all allocated. I’d like to tell you it took hours of effort, blood, sweat and tears, but nope, I wrote some stuff, then I drew some. Then I told people I was doing it. Cleaning out the Tube after the Underground has closed down, being a teacher, a nurse, a firefighter, a doctor, or doing something where somebody’s life is in your hands: THAT’S hard work. Drawing comics or making music…not so much. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

(entirely without my knowledge, mind.) So thank you, thanks to all of you buying this stuff sight unseen. If you want to mention it on your blogs as being a work of genius or a haphazard piece of crap with the phrase ‘LOLZ THIS SUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKSSS!!!!’, go ahead. It’s your keyboard. Now make your own comic… And just to make the point, here’s that film of me again…

You’ll notice at no point do I ‘dance’. Regardless of what some co-workers may tell you.


Oh…and WANTED: Someone to draw a new cover for the 2nd printings…1st past the post gets the gig…


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