by Nevs Coleman

The Jack Kirby All Stars (later 5)


So, one of the things I do is make music. Aside from the Orphans, this is another one: I found the record myself and a couple of better-unnamed-friends did while we were between bands.

The idea was this: I’d read/sing (ahem!) lyrics from my favourite comics while The Cosmic Radiation got to make any noise he felt like. We played about twenty gigs, including one at Y Tuesday in Denmark (aided by Gabi Gaributt, who was so drunk she actually played guitar whilst asleep while I accidentally punched out a lightbulb).


One at Y Tuesday, London with Jazzman John Clarke (who also has an amazing band called Swing It) playing the Duck on ‘March of The Sinister Ducks’ by Alan Moore (sadly, no pictures of him quacking in people’s faces while I stood on a chair exist…).

By the time we got to recording the second EP, I think we’d both got sick of the sight of comics. This was me trying out my Jim Reid style. Hoping some of you like it. In a short year, we tried out stuff by Mark Millar, The Sex Pistols, Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Oasis, The Famous Monsters, Suicide, and Tank Girl.

It’s called the Bollywood Sessions, by The Jack Kirby 5.

This was the proposed artwork by the super talented Elsbeth van der Poel :

This is us in action:

And the record would sound like THIS.

Maybe we’ll do it again one day. Miss making you quack…

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