by Nevs Coleman

Gal Friday. Feeling.

“After years of desk jockeying for “the man”, this Gal Friday decided to take her talents and apply them to the stage. The lady that once typed 70 words a minute, equipped with a clever quip playing on her lip, is now one of New York City’s top Burly-Q bombshells. Ms. Friday has come along way since her debut: She had the honor of performing at Miss Exotic World for the title of ‘Best Debut’ and is also extremely proud to have held the title of ‘Miss Coney Island 2009.’ She loves teaching for the New York School of Burlesque, introducing new students to the delightful world of striptease!! Truly, hiding a gal like this behind a desk would be a crime!

** pics by: Don Spiro & Marlo Gamora

1) How did you discover burlesque and what about it made you want to be part of it?

The short story is: Years ago I went out to support a co-worker by going to her first Burlesque gig. I loved it, but didn’t think of doing it myself… until about a year later. Both she and I had quit said job around the same time, so we lost touch. I had just gone through a break-up and realized I really had no friends and no creative outlet. I was so unhappy! I wanted to meet people and perform and then I remembered how special that world of Burlesque seemed. But, I was clueless on how to get started. One day, I’m on the subway and ran into my former co-worker and just blurted out “It’s great to see you but I get off at the next stop please I need to know how to get into Burlesque right now!!!” So, she started taking me to shows and introducing me to people and I just watched and learned… It was so effortless & wonderful, I really felt it was meant to be.

2) You must be aware by now of the Christina /Christina Aguilera film ‘Burlesque’? Is it better to be misrepresented by Hollywood in order to raise awareness of your medium or would you rather the film world left your world alone entirely?

It’s a toss-up. What brings awareness can also sometimes set up unrealistic expectations. Although the only effect of that movie I’ve noticed has less to do with the actual Burlesque community than it did at clothing stores with their “Burlesque-inspired” lines.

3) If you had the option, what would you tell your younger self to do or not do in terms of your career?

I’d go back to college & convince my younger self to take some classes on how to manage and invest money. I’m terrible at the responsible adult stuff. I’m also not very computer savvy… but if I had the money, at least I could pay someone to deal with that! :)

4) What’s the worst post performance chat up line you’ve heard?

“You’re really great! The other girl is thin, but you’re amazing.” Gotta love a compliment-wrapped insult!!

5) Why do you think burlesque dancing has come back into fashion in recent years?Is it merely nostalgia or something more?

I don’t think it necessarily went out of fashion.. things evolve and change to fit our times. So, what we do now, performance-wise, might not have been recognized as burlesque 60 yrs. ago. And who knows what it will become in the future. But, what it all comes down to is great entertainment… and that NEVER goes out of fashion!

Gal Friday can be booked for shows HERE.


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