by Nevs Coleman

The Kaptivating Kassandra Killjoy.

The Kaptivating Kassandra Killjoy…the original queen of obscene and bad girl of cabaret.

1) How did you discover burlesque and what about it made you want to be part of it?

Well, as a teenager I never much liked to behave within the confines of ‘normal’ society, so would prefer to slip out of the house to spend time educating myself in the art of sex, drugs and rock and roll. The glamour, hedonism and allure of burlesque were always present, and then at the age of 18 I saw my first burlesque peel. Bewitched and fascinated like a saucy magpie by what I had seen, I endeavored to practice burlesque myself. I’ve always been creative and had sung in several bands before deciding to mix my music with the art of the tease.

2) You must be aware by now of the Cher /Christina Aguilera film ‘Burlesque’. Is it better to be misrepresented by Hollywood in order to raise awareness of your medium or would you rather the film world left your world alone entirely?
Oh man! I’ve not seen this movie but I have noticed the controversy it has caused amongst the scene. However, I think that burlesque, like all art, should be
available to all and not just to an elitist few. So why not let it become known to the media and masses? Perhaps too many people fear a loss of individuality, and that their trade could become so mainstream that they may have difficulty finding work. I can imagine it will inspire a whole new breed of dancers. Nowt wrong with a bit of healthy competition though!


3) If you had the option, what would you tell your younger self to do or not do in terms of your career?

I would tell myself not to compare myself to others, or aspire to be someone I’m not.
Yes, be fanciful and imaginative but always stay true to yourself. But I would perhaps also tell myself to wear knickers more often and drink less gin.

4) What’s the worst post performance chat up line you’ve heard?

Hah! I honestly wouldn’t know…does that really happen? Nah, those poor beggars would be wasting their time, as I’m very much in love with my partner. And he once killed a monkey.

5) Why do you think burlesque dancing has come back into fashion in recent years? Is it merely nostalgia or something more?

Personally I’d like to think it’s a sort of revolution…. women (and men too!) are
starting to feel more empowered, and inspired to realise their creative potential
and to embrace their sexuality, just like folk did way back when. It’s cool to be different and to love ourselves, and what finer way to do that than with a cute pair of heels
and tassles on?

Special thanks to @curlykerrylee for help with words. Kassandra Killjoy can be booked for shows, sweetness and obscenity here


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