by Nevs Coleman

Cherry Zombie Chats…

(Carly Zombiie resides in the quaint town of Shrewsbury, but her style, looks and performances are far from traditional. Her love for heavy metal, gore, sleaze and dance combine to make an interesting take on burlesque, belly dancing and her own unique routines. Appearing in Bizarre magazine numerous times as an Ultra Vixen and recently featured as the face of Santa Macabre Jewellery, Zombiie is pushing herself into the limelight with performances, music video appearances and photoshoots. She can be booked and can be found at

1) How did you discover burlesque and what about it made you want to be part of it?

I’ve always had a love for history and came across burlesque when I was deeply obsessed with the Victorian era. Due to its dance and art aspects it caught my attention. I’ve been a dancer from a young age and to me, burlesque was a more sensual form. I attended a few shows and saw how much routines could be adapted to fit your own personality and that won me over.

2) You must be aware by now of the Christina /Christina Aguilera film ‘Burlesque’. Is it better to be misrepresented by Hollywood in order to raise awareness of your medium or would you rather the film world left your world alone entirely?

I have actually never seen the film! Though I did see threads online from burlesque stars who were angry at the way it showed the art form. Personally, I dont think it does any harm. Im not what is considered to be a traditional or conventional burlesque dancer. My routines are very bmovie horror and sleaze rock and roll inspired, and one of my signature performances is actually a Japanese fan dance. The elements are there but some have said I cant call myself a burlesquer. Everyone likes different things and if films like that introduce new people to the world of burlesque Im all for it.

3) If you had the option, what would you tell your younger self to do or not do in terms of your career?
Be more thick-skinned and always stay true to yourself. I was quite naive when I started, tried the more traditional burlesque to ‘fit in’ and it wasnt me, and the audience could tell. When I started doing my own thing I felt happier but then got criticised for being different. It was hard but now I’ve found my niche and my crowd and I love doing it my way.

4) What’s the worst post performance chat up line you’ve heard?

I’ve never been chatted up at a show! Does that make me unapproachable? Lol. I love talking to people after I’ve performed, it is great to get feedback. No getting chatted up for me though, but that is fine by me, I think it would be a little weird.

5) Why do you think burlesque dancing has come back into fashion in recent years? Is it merely nostalgia or something more?
Nostalgia is part of it I think, and performers like Dita von Teese in more recent years have paved the way for others to step into the limelight. All of the performers I know or have spoken to say it gives them confidence and makes them feel sexy, which is great. It’s about time there was something which made women feel good about themselves.

Cherry can be booked HERE.


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