by Nevs Coleman

Thoughts on Christmas

Look, I think this.

I think i remember you when you were heartbroken, when you openly wept in front of everyone because it all had become too much to worry about dignity anymore. And I remember holding you and telling you it was okay. And now something has shifted. You’ve found someone, or you’ve upgraded your social postion, or whatever, and you aren’t obliged to hang out with those of us left behind by whatever anymore, and that’s fine.

Except not everyone gets what you got. You got the fairytale ending, and woo for you/ Me? i’m still here. And what I’m tired of is a society that judges people on what they provide. Be it entertainment or money or suchlike. I’m trying to be here for the people who made the mistakes. because Lord knows I’ve made enough.

And maybe, rather than seeing people for what value they can provide, we can accept them for what they are, not what we want them to be. Maybe there are a whole bunch of rules that make up social norms that some of us aren’t clever enough to understand and so we get left behind while others get through on the power to schmozz. Or have made the mistake of liking this rather than that.

Maybe we’re here trying to get by while you forget us and get to shine.
Maybe we’re sick of your attempt to contact us being regarded as a favor fom the special people
Maybe there’s a reason you’re not good enough to hang with us.

Some of us take friends more seriously than ambition or desire.

My name is Nevs. I’ll talk straight with you. If you want to be my friend. Great. If not, don;t waste my time. You’re not doing me any favours

When you go out for Xmas Eve tomorrow, try looking at the person on their own. That’s the point.


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