by Nevs Coleman

Link, Ray(Gun…Roads. That was funnier in my head, to be honest.)

Lots going on for me personally this week, so rather than one theme to explore/dissect via the vehicles of sarcasm and hilariously captioned pictures, I thought I’d round-up a few bits and pieces, including the answer to one question asked of me over on that Twitter. There are links to at least three columns and two podcasts in here, so moaning in the cheap seats.)

@Nevs_Ago_Go what you been doing since the last Bleeding Cool column you wrote M’dear?”

Well, Miss Kemp, whose work can be found here, apparently.  It’s good of you to ask. Let’s see, I wrote some stuff for the nice people over at Fantasy Advertiser. Then, I ended up as a co-host on the early episodes of Bamf!, a show from the slowly rising hub that is Wearearcade. Prouder moments on Bamf! included getting Becky Cloonan in as a guest host and a chat with Dave Elliott. I also discovered the secret to never drinking alcohol again, by the way. will be the host of something else I’m putting together quite soon, by the way, so you should probably keep an eye on that.

Another question was put to me by Reece M Jones, Winner of the 2013 ‘Welshest Name In Comics’ Award and also the Book/Comic Editor at The CultDen.

@Nevs_Ago_Go whos the creative team that gets you excited the most at the moment?

Lots of things, Reece, although my current favourite thing is a toss-up between the Dark Horse Plants Vs Zombies comics or Batman ’66, teams I like include David Hine & Shaky Kane or Mark Stafford on almost anything they feel like, the news that George Romero is going to have another go at Zombies for Marvel, Paul Pope seems incapable of bad comics, and probably a thousand others I’m forgetting. I’m quite happy about the current trend of talented indie people going to Marvel, doing a few years on Avengers or Fantastic Four or whatever and using their increased profile to help shift original work that they clearly care about. It seems to the comic version of Gary Oldman doing ‘Lost In Space’ to pay for doing ‘Nil By Mouth’, really.

Finally,One of the things I was trying to do on Bamf!, given my total lack of interest in Marvel Film/TV news (Although I’d pay good money for someone at Netflix to turn Sean Howe’s ‘Marvel: The Untold Story’ and Blake Bell’s  or Marvel book into a serialized TV Show. That’s a Stan Lee cameo I’d like to see.) was maybe give exposure to comics related work that would have fallen by the wayside otherwise. Since there’s a worrying amount of you looking at this, I thought I’d carry on the tradition here by leading you to a fine book sent my way called Raygun Roads.

Raygun Roads

Raygun Roads 2

I think it looks rather snazzy, and would come up with a suitably good blurb, but most of them have already been said. I suppose ‘One of the few comics I’d actually bother paying real money for in the 21st Century’ is as close as I’ll get to complimentary. and you should contact the boys to get your copies sharpish, I reckon…You’re looking for the front cover which looks like the below image, and should be out in time for Thought Bubble.

Raygun Roads front cover

(Have a comic you’d like to get a bit of exposure for via me? Let me know via Twitter. If I like it, I’ll run it, if I don’t, I won’t. I will not be argued with. I have enough to do.)

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