by Nevs Coleman

Thoughts for 2014

So, I don’t really have any resolutions for tomorrow, I do have a whole bunch of things I learned this year though, So I guess my resolution is try and bear them in mind for 2014.

Most online arguments aren’t worth having unless I’m actually willing to listen and learn from the person I’m talking to. Otherwise it’s just ‘This is why I’m Right and you are a stupidhead!’

Every time I feel compelled to point out the wrong someone else has done, I should do some good instead.

I only drank because it brought me out of the shyness. I ain’t shy anymore, and I’m usually funnier and nicer off it anyway.

Much as I love cheeseburgers, they’re a bad idea for me.

There are people in this life who aren’t ever going to happy with anything. There’s a serious difference between being pissed off because something is actually wrong and resolving to fix it, and whining that the world is doing things with your permission, you special little snowflake, you. I need to avoid the snowflake people.

I must use the phrase ‘Snowflake People’ more often.

I’ve done my time of shame for being ill, anyone wants to judge me for that can just be shown the door, rather than explaining myself to people who don’t really want anything but a dragon to slay.

I know enough people that make an effort to see me that I don’t need to chase people who clearly can’t be bothered with me.

The good I’ve done probably outweighs the bad.

It’s much more fun to be nice to people than it is to be rude to them.

Never stop looking for reasons to laugh. Never stop learning.

Happy New Year.

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