by Nevs Coleman

That time I had a bit of a meltdown with Comics Fandom on Twitter.

(Since I’ll be off doing stuff at LOCATION REDACTED when this is due, here’s a collection of my tweets reacting to Female Thor, Sam Wilson as Captain America and $5 Marvel comics. Back to normal next week. Possibly.)

No words that can convey my disgust. None.: …

‘A female Thor isn’t true to the Norse Myths.’


Nor is ULTRON!


Downright non Útgarðarian, I'd say.

Downright non Útgarðarian, I’d say.

Okay, Been out for a walk. I was going to write this as a column, but it’s too hot for that kind of thing. You might want to put me on mute.

It’s been a bloody terrible month for fandom, honestly. Between #firerickremender, the reactions to Sam Cap and Thor, I’m just ashamed.

It isn’t anything new. I remember the disgust when Northstar was formally outed in the pages of Alpha Flight 106.

Or the reaction by some Hulk fans when Peter David wrote the A.I.D.s issue of Hulk. (One fan suggested that Hulk should have killed Jim.)

Bruce Banner, a hero, should have killed Jim Wilson (Sam’s brother) for carrying the H.I.V. virus. Someone wrote this as a serious letter to Marvel Comics.

So, the sexism shown towards Thor and racism towards Sam Cap? I’m not shocked, but surprised it’s so blatant. But it does beg the question:

For those of you who are actually offended by the notion of a Black Captain America or a Female Thor or a Latino Spider-Man:

(And I’m not being sarcastic, here, I really, honestly want to know.)

What do you think the future looks like?

Do you really, honestly believe there’s going to be a time where people who aren’t white will go back to being slaves?

That women are going to just forget the last 100 years of feminist thought and go back in the kitchen?

Because I’m at a loss to what the long term goal is here. Do you really think if you shout at Marvel over Sam being Cap?….

The…, I dunno, ‘Enforced Diversity’ Agenda will be stopped or something?

Because to me, I love comics, and as much as I might hide it, I love people, also. I WANT people to enjoy comics.

I don’t want the Exclusive Straight White Guy’s Club to be running things anymore, because if nothing else, it doesn’t work very well.

Even if you hate anyone who isn’t a white guy in his 40’s arguing over Green Lantern, you MUST see that the smaller the comics audience is..

The more comics are going to cost, and we’ll be sitting there in 10 years saying ‘God, remember when these things were only $5.’

Even if it’s only out of self interest, you have to see that Marvel and DC trying to expand their audience is a good thing, right?

Because if all you want is your own clique to be able to enjoy whining about the same stuff being sold over & over again for higher prices, that will be the sum result of your struggle to keep everyone but White Guys out of comics. And then they’ll die. The End.

I like comics. I like people. Anything that gives the kids I know an ‘In’ to start reading them means funnybooks’ll be here to entertain them when I’m dead & gone. Your way: Forget it.

And honestly, if you can’t see your racism, your sexism, your homophobia, your transphobia is as laughable and obselete as Flat Earth theory.

Then, I’m sorry, but you are a dinosaur. Your time is up as are your ideas. We will wait for you to die and we will enjoy comics without you.

Ask yourself before you post the next basically anti everyone who isn’t you tweet/post:

Would Superman post this?

Probably. Fucking. Not.


Twitter, yesterday.

Twitter, yesterday.


Last shout out to The Outhousers crew. My favourite comics website except this one at the moment. They’re currently running a Patreon thing to raise money to keep themselves going. I don’t know what a Patreon is, except the result of bad spelling, but I assume you give them money: Donate Here and follow me on Twitter, if you like.


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