by Nevs Coleman

Backwards In Going Forwards.

Just thinking about the whole next gen of consoles stuff and backwards compatibility. My main issue with picking up either a PS4 or a Xbox One is that neither machine , as far as I’m aware, will read or play the games from the previous generation in the same way that a PS2 would play most PS1 games or a limited amount of PS2 games could be played on earlier models on a PS3.

I’m rather loathe to abandon my Xbox 360 in particular as I have something like 60 games on there, and the notion that Microsoft thinks I should think of that as dead money so I can play the likes of Sunset Overdrive, Dead Island 2 or Rise Of The Tomb Raider this Christmas is one that bothers me and to be honest, makes me want to get neither.

Given the amount of games I’m not simply going to dump, and that there are still things coming out on what I guess is now considered last gen tech, I had a thought.

Since both Xbox Live and PSN Accounts can be read from one gen of hardware to the next, would it be possible to read on your account if you had a game from the previous generation and simply allow you to upload the Classics/HD Remake as and when they came out. For example, I see that next year’s big trend in games is going to be HD remakes of recent output, such as GTA V HD and the like.

Working with this process, when Sleeping Dogs HD comes out next year, your Xbox One could read your Live account, see that you’d already had it as an Xbox 360 game when you bought it as a download there, and offer to install it as a freebie.

I suspect it’s an awkward idea (and would probably be unworkable with the sports games like Fifa, Madden, WWE, etc) but something like this could go a long way to actually convincing a lot of us to taking that step. As it stands, both the PS4 and Xbox One’s lack of ability to play games from previous generations means I’ll be buying neither.


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