by Nevs Coleman

Sigh, this shit AGAIN?

Right, so this is both awkward and embarrassing, but had a bit of harassment this week, backed up by things I did when not very well. I don’t believe in living in fear of blackmail, so here it is:

During the period between 2009 and 2011, I was misdiagnosed as Bi-Polar Disorder 2. Due to that, I was prescribed a number of anti-depressants that, when mixed with booze, led to my dong a number of things I’m both deeply ashamed of and regret very, very deeply, hurting friends and damaging my life in ways that still haunt me both personally and professionally to this day.

As my reactions to the medication grew worse and the stress of literally waking up every day to a fresh bunch of damage, I became more and more erratic, this culminated in waking up literally mid-seizure. Freaked out by this, I asked my employers at this period to give me a week off to try and sort my head out, be clear of any work related worries. That holiday was agreed and I was given the impression that upon my return from the holiday that my job was secure.

I came back from France to drop off some old stock to trade in to find I’d been replaced and fired after 6 years of employment. In those six years I worked the hardest I could under the…..conditions that job placed me under and trying to deal with the effects of mis-prescribed medication. Despite this, there was no severance package, no exit interview, just aggression and hostility.

People who I’d considered friends turned their back on me, and after a nasty incident, I was left homeless for six months and spent a week in Lewisham Hospital after a suicide attempt. Nobody from my previous employer, many of whom I’d helped out in various ways got in contact. I was literally left to rot whilst begging on the streets. A few months after this, I discovered a totally unauthorised comic depicting elements of my mental health issues was being circulated on the Internet. Whether that comic has derived any income isn’t known to me, but if it has, I would ask that any of that money be donated to either MIND or Shelter.

Now, as most of you know, I’m the best part of two years alcohol free, drug free except regulated anti-depressants (and, MAN, that took a while to sort out.) If you were to ask around if any similar incidents have taken place since getting my life together almost entirely on my own, well, anyone who tells you anything but ‘Nope.’ is a liar. I’ve heard that the story involving my sending dubious text messages was the reasoning behind my dismissal, but that actually happened about four months AFTER my probably illegal dismissal.

Now, in all honesty, I thought that period of my life was done with, I’ll get invites to attend various launches an such there, but politely declined them, however, said blackmailer had details that could only have come from staff there that were either working there at the time, or have passed on information to newer employees. Since this all kicked off around Tuesday afternoon, I can only assume their grudge against me carries on.

So I’d ask now that if you’re compiling a list of invites for various events or tagging me in some publicity on Facebook or Twitter, please don’t. This is a polite warning. Ignoring it will get you blocked from my life entirely. I want nothing to do with anyone working there, and telling me you’ve shopped there won;t be met with much in the way of response beyond an ‘Oh.’ and then changing the subject very quickly. I’m obviously on the side of promoting new talent, but asking me to reblog things you have happening there isn’t going to happen.
Thanks for your time, I’ve left details of my sordid past out for no reason except I have younger members of family on here. If you want to discuss them with me, you’re quite welcome to direct message me, although any members of the comics community attempting to judge me will be probably laughed at, given what I’m aware of and have shown far more understanding of than I’ve got, to be honest with you.

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