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An Open Letter To Mr Jeff Jarrett: Please Save Wrestling Games.

An Open Letter To Mr Jeff Jarrett.

Mr Jarrett, speaking as a member of both of the IWC and the Wrestling Video Games community (I don’t know if there’s an proper acronym for that.) I’d like to suggest an idea that would make you a lot of money and many of us very, very happy.

You’re probably aware that a lot of us feel pretty let down by WWE 2K15. There were a lot of promises made and most of them didn’t materialise.. We expect a bunch of advertorials in the hype for the upcoming WWE 2K16 suggesting ‘We’ve got it right this time.’, but while the game will sell, I imagine there’s quite a few of us who won’t bother, or if we do, it’ll be picking it up 2nd hand, The ‘OH MY GOD CAN’T WAIT!’ element has gone for 2K.

That suggests there’s an opportunity for a rival video game to be made to try and capture that excitement we felt for the latest Smackdown game all those years ago. Someone smart will cash in on the desire for a good next gen console game. We’re here with our Xbox Ones and PS4s, and we want to give someone money for a good wrestling game, so here’s my suggestion. You can have it on me, just send me a copy if you decide to implement it:

Part 1)

Both the Fire Pro series and the much beloved AKI engine (Used on the likes of WWF No Mercy and Virtua Pro Wrestling 2.) have lain dormant for years. There hasn’t been a new version of Fire Pro since the PS2 game which was at least 5 years ago, while I don’t think anyone’s used the AKI engine since the Def Jam games for the Gamecube. Again, a while back.

What both these engines have is a huge fanbase online, thousands of us tinkering with CAWS, movesets, arenas, mods and such. We would rather play a modded version of WWF No Mercy, a game over a decade old, than spend $60 on the latest WWE game.

I’m not entirely sure how difficult it would to do this, but if you were to buy the rights to one or both of these engines, you’d automatically have a built in customer base for, say, GFW Presents Fire Pro 2016. A 3D version of the game exists in the PS1 game ‘Fire Pro Iron Slam’, and it shouldn’t take too much money to update it graphically, adding CAW potential, creating a hub site that would work as a forum for users to exchange information that could also be monetised to sell merchandise, digital PPVs etc. DLC would be simple enough to create by just adding more packs of wrestlers, arenas, etc. If Fire Pro is unworkable, the same process could be used for the AKI engine. If you have any doubts to the profitably of this venture, just try tweeting ‘We’re contemplating buying the rights to Fire Pro/The AKI wrestling games engine.’ and see what kind of feedback you get.

Part 2)

There’s obviously money in a new wrestling game, but the second step would be to cross-brand much as you did with New Japan at Wrestle Kingdom 9, so get JR, Piper, etc in on commentary, but also see which other organisations would be willing to invest in the venture in exchange for appearing in the game. A new wrestling game featuring GFW, ROH, Lucha Underground,,TNA, NJPW, etc has to both benefit the gaming community sorely desiring a break from the WWE 2K ritual of promises, overpriced DLC and disappointment and the Wrestling business would benefit, someone picking up this game might know who The Bullet Club are, but then be exposed to Chikara and go see their show. Ultimately a cross branded game featuring licenses across the board would benefit everyone.

Except Vince.

Thanks for your time.